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Environmental Earth-Wise, Inc., a member of the BBB and NCMS pipeline consortium, is a family-owned and operated company based in Mont Belvieu, Texas, where it has been since its formation in 1992. In the past 12 years, the company has a record of no lost-time accidents. Its employees are specially trained and certified for confined-space entry, are HAZMAT certified, and have extensive knowledge and experience of sampling, removing, transporting, treating, and monitoring contaminated water, soils, and sludge.

EEW specializes in environmental remediation industrial services, including: hydroblasting, non-destructive hydro-excavation, profiling of waste for pipelines, vacuum truck services, transportation of waste, provision of service crews for environmental clean-up, and the delivery, set-up, and rental of various types of fractionation tanks, polyethylene tanks, and pumps. EEW's extensive knowledge of these services allows us to provide turnkey projects in a time-efficient manner. We also offer a “cradle-to-grave” service for all the hydroexcavation work we perform.





Earth-Wise, Inc.

11016 N. Hwy 146
Mont Belvieu, TX 77580

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